художник-графік Людмила Бруєвич офорт, акварель, каліграфія, graphic art Liudmyla Bruievych

Born 6, September 1966 in Kyiv.
1981 - finished the Children School of Arts.
1985 - finished Kyiv Arts and Crafts Technical School with honors.
1988 - 1994 - studies at the National Academy of fine art and architecture.
Since 1992 - more than 65 exhibitions of Liudmyla Bruievych works in Ukraine and abroad (Germany, France, Great Britain, USA...) have taken place.

Paradise feelings

«This is poetics of dreams and visions. These are dreams of harmony, even in case Pre-historic animal, or Dragon is pictured; it is a chthonic creature, archetypal and surrealistic, the creature that does not eat but produces time. Here, at the etchings by Liudmyla Bruievych, one can find her own animalistic style. To my mind, it is a re-conceptualized Ukrainian baroque. Luxury, splendor, paradise-likeness of forms and imagination and, at the same time, asceticism are tied, fastened by blood vessels of details, breathing of virtual lyricism. Etchings by Liudmyla Bruievych are a sort of palimpsests, that is the world created with love and patience, reconstructed by a subtle and honest restorer of Eden bliss and quietude possibly unfamiliar for us in our real life. This is a quivering, trembling abundance from the depths of which muffled solemn gilding, texture of unreal capacity is rising. We got accustomed to a literature character of plots, too figurative images. Here we deal with the other thing. Here it is a joining of what can not be joined, conventionalized images of silence and abundance in life. Lightened by water-colors, etchings leave asceticism, but reticence and exquisite taste hold these very often rather large sheets in air, without any props or cords. Maybe it seemed to me, I dreamed it, I had a vision. Luxury of paradise feelings».

Liudmyla Taran

Chas newspaper, 16-23 October, 1998